Peace of mind for working parents

When you are a parent working full-time, it's a juggle.  One of the worst things is the mad dash to get to after-school care pick-up on time.  That white knuckle feeling of trying to race home to get to after school care is stressful.  You finally make it (or not!) and you are so tired from the working day that you can barely think about dinner.  So unhealthy take-away is all you can muster.

Then there's readers, baths, quality time with the kids........Agh!

Looking for help with the kids can be a nightmare.  Nannies generally want full-time work and many parents don't necessarily want the kids in after-school care every day.  Then there is the stress that is getting home and sorting out dinner.   

NONNA is all about offering flexibility and service.  Our Nonnas have years of experience raising their own children and love looking after children.  They don't necessarily want full-time work, so a few hours a day is just right.  They can pick up your children from school and cook the family dinner.  So you can take your time getting home, knowing the kids are in good hands AND dinner is sorted for you too.