Once you submit your enquiry form we will contact you to refine your needs. We will then start a search for a Nonna for your family.

Ideally we love to find you a couple of Nonna’s for you to meet so that you and your children can find the right match. We then arrange the meetings at your home with your children, or at a local cafe if you would prefer. It is important that your children are present so that they also meet the Nonna and you can see if it is the right fit.

Once you and your Nonna have chosen each other and decide on days and hours to start with, we will send you the invoice for the first fortnights expected hours and the placement fee. Thereafter, your Nonna will fill in a weekly timesheet so the hours can vary according to your needs and your Nonna’s availability. You simply pay your invoice. We manage your Nonna’s salary, superannuation and insurance.